Why study here


The Sciences of Sociology and Anthropology provide a glimpse into social phenomena and changes, as well as the analysis of different societies, organizations, social movements, and the relationships between them. The program of study for the sociology department provides a leading study of human behavior and investigations into social developments. The department’s anthropological research studies focus on the cultural aspects of social studies.

The program of study includes basic understandings of research methods and theories implemented into a variety of global associations, including but not limited to: Capitalism, education, organizations, perversions, mental health, religion, Israeli studies, gender, politics, military and security, love and happiness, creativity and innovation, collective memory, community and language, etc.

Basic instruction and practices in different disciplines build a foundation of sociological and anthropological thought. We are obliged to provide inquisitive and thought evoking studies and an intellectual experience with the use of a learning experience that encourages creativity and critical thinking.

Our department’s members participate in an ongoing research of Israel and the world, the examination of cultures and inequality, an understanding of the past and a presumption of the future, the interpretation of national memory and collective identity, as well as a deep examination of phenomena in medical, scientific, moral, deviatory, familial and religious spheres. We place great emphasis on the combination of theoretical contemplation and empirical and comparative research, as on applied research - all the while developing a diligence for progress in philosophical, historical, and political fields.

The Shane Ginsberg research institute, which supports sociological and anthropological research, encourages interdisciplinary research of Israeli phenomena. Our advanced students set in motion many activities, and find in Har HaZofim a warm, encouraging, and inspiring home. The department encourages active student participation and provides forward-thinkers with additional research and instruction.  

Our graduate studies concentrate on the expansion of theoretical knowledge, and the broadening of knowledge in different areas of study; connection to individual research in the available four courses of study.