Major in organization studies


Studies in this department create a good basis for academic development and work in the field as an Organization’s advisor and as a professional in organizational development; the instruction and evaluation starts here.

Candidates are recommended to study introduction to organizational behavior and social psychology as part of their Undergraduate studies.

The number of acceptances is limited, and is based on resume details, recommendations, achievements in previous academic institutions, and a personal interview. The department offers a closer look at organizational development as well as to their inner workings and establishment of order. In addition, the department offers knowledge of the meaning and value of work, the way in which communication networks within and between organizations are created, and the foundation of power relations, networking, and hierarchy. Phenomena such as leadership, organizational culture, teamwork, relations between the organizations and its vicinity are researched and studied. The program offers a close connection between theory and action, including relevant experiences. Close attention is paid to organizational advisory in this framework.

The department will accept the highest achievers among the applicants in accordance with the decisions of its acceptance committee.